Secure Software Coding Training

Software defects, bugs, and flaws in the logic of the program are consistently the cause for software vulnerabilities. Analysis by software security professionals has proven that most vulnerability are due to errors in programming. Hence, it has become crucial for organizations to educate their software developers about secure coding practices.

Attackers scan for security vulnerabilities in applications and servers and attempt to use these vulnerabilities to steal secrets, corrupt programs and data, and gain control of computer systems and networks. Sound programming techniques and best practices should be used to develop high quality code to prevent web application attacks. Secure programming is a defensive measure against attacks targeted towards application systems.

This course is designed for developers and designers of Applications that require effective, real world secure programming skills they can implement immediately at the workplace.
This training provides overview on the most important security vulnerabilities, including stack and heap overflows, integer related issues, input validation problems, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and some others. It also introduces basic security testing methods, including the possibilities to automate security testing by using various tools.