Disaster Recovery Automation

In restoring an IT system after an outage due to any cause, the margin between hours and days offline can often mean all the difference in whether or not a business survives as a going concern.

Whatever the cause, after a disaster strikes, IT staff can spend hours or days following complex steps packed with reboots to get their organizations back up and running. Only a few hours of downtime can cost companies millions of dollars. In some online-oriented businesses, a protracted amount of downtime can kill a company. So IT staff definitely feels the pressure to get IT systems back online. They can alleviate that pressure and get back to business faster by implementing and testing DR systems along with developing plans that address data centers’ complex environments.

Automation is an essential part of that effort. Automated DR mechanizes the detailed and time-consuming manual recovery process. When it comes to recovering an IT system from a natural or human-caused disaster, simple, real-time and automated are the terms to keep in mind for effective disaster recovery procedures. With automated DR, companies can recover systems within minutes, rather than hours or days, with a minimum of hands-on work.
SAAPA’s Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) automation solution provides clients with a comprehensive approach to DR/BCP process implementation and maintenance. It enables zero dependence on experts to trigger the right processes in correct sequences. It helps to enforce and sustain adherence to ITIL processes and regulatory compliance. This DR / BCP automation solution covers comprehensive automation of failover operations to a remote site. Rather than ensuring IT availability only, the solution ensures continuity of complete business operations without any gaps.