Desktop and Application Management.

Everyone thinks VDI is complex, takes a long time to rollout, and requires advanced skillsets to manage. And that you can’t deliver a PC-like user experience if you have demanding application or video requirements. It’s not true, you just need to pick the right technologies. Managing the complexity of virtual desktop infrastructure can be a major part of realizing any savings an organization might see.

The two fundamental requirements when an organization decides to implement to VDI –First, how to give our users a high performance virtual desktop experience that was as good if not better than a local PC, even when they were accessing their desktops from remote field locations. The second is how to make life easy for our IT staff so we could provision new desktops quickly, deliver apps and app updates quickly, and spend as little time as possible patching Windows and fixing broken desktops.

We have the right solution for all your management issues if you’re struggling with separate desktop provisioning, application virtualization, image management, personalization, disk space reduction, and desktop support tools. Our product’s whole layering approach to desktop management makes it easy to customize any number of virtual desktops with any application you need.