Unified Search and Discovery for Virtual,Cloud and Hybrid Environment

Systems today are deployed on a wide variety of environments including physical systems, multiple virtualization platforms as well as private-public clouds. Obviously, if half of an enterprise’s data will reside external to the data center, then half will still live within the data center or locally on users’ machines. No matter where data is being stored, though, the fact remains that the ability to search that data will be critically important. Workers still demand unified access to their most important information assets, and they want a highly intuitive search experience with fast-as-you-type search results regardless of where the data lives. In other words, users require business productivity search.

The product which we represent provides just that in a way that not only pleases users, but also gives IT a lot of flexibility. With our product users can now search emails, files, SharePoint no matter where they reside. Not only do users get a single interface in which they can search across all of their critical content, but they also get all of the benefits that simply come with fast-as-you-type search results, full-fidelity document preview, and post-search actions.