Advanced Malware Heuristics, Detection & Response

Advanced_persistent_threat_lifecycleToday’s targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT) use complex techniques to conceal themselves from Enterprise’s IT defenses. Once inside the network, they can alter their appearance, switch ports and protocols, and remain undetected for long periods as they move around the network to find and steal your data. Detecting these attacks requires a modern, advanced solution that provides visibility into every corner of your network.

Security professionals have come a long way with heuristic detection, and are still working to find the perfect balance that provides proactive protection without causing the hassle of false positives. We expect heuristic detection to continue to be dynamic and improve in speed, efficiency, and efficacy.

We represent solutions that provides Advanced Malware Protection, Data Theft Protection, and Network Security Analytics in a single, tightly integrated system for continuous protection across the enterprise with extremely low false positives. It watches network behavior and automatically detects and correlates evidence of persistent threats, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide. It arms responders with rich intelligence prioritized by the device, its activity and threat intent so they can take immediate action.