Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vuln&PatchOrganizations can minimize their risk of a breach by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

In the past, vulnerability management was an endless task: as soon as one scan cycle was complete, it was time to repeat the process. The solution we represent has transformed vulnerability management from a periodic and repetitive cycle to a comprehensive assessment of network security, with the ability to provide a complete view into the network, strengthening organizations’ security posture and minimizing their attack surface.

Continuous Network Monitoring is a new, innovative way to continuously measure and visualize the effectiveness of your security program and gain assurance that your security team is addressing the highest priority security problems to secure their business at any time. Our continuous network monitoring platform provides the most comprehensive and integrated view of enterprise health.

Our third party patch management solution gives you the when, where, what and how of security patching. It tells you when a software vulnerability with an available patch is threatening your infrastructure, where it will have the most critical impact, what the right remediation strategy is and how to deploy it.It lets your team know what to patch for maximum impact and consistent risk reduction. You get complete visibility of your systems, stay current and reduce the cost of your patch process significantly. This new perspective on patch management, allows our solution to support the entire Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.